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I am sure that I am not alone on the issue of feeling like God has just not shown me the right path or illuminated the best way. There are times when we all feel like we are alone and just can’t catch a break or find the easy answer to a tough question. There have been times in my military career when I conformed more to the ways of the people around me instead of letting the people around me see Christ through my example. There have been times in my marriage and times as a father when my judgement and leadership was simply not the example of Christ-Like love and service that it should have been. It’s impossible to be the “Perfect Christian” in front of my friends, coworkers and family. It seems like it is just such a tall task. With all of the other stressors in life, how does someone allow God to reveal Himself to us and become the man that God wants us to be?


God tells us through Ezekiel that He can give us a new heart. He is going to put a new spirit into us. This new spirit and softened heart allows us to be the believer that we should be. A believer that searches out God’s desire for our lives and the lives of the people around us. This allows us to gain new perspectives on life, love, work, friendships and parenting relationships. (Ezekiel 36:26)

How do I get there?

Read your Bible… God reveals Himself to us through His word. It is timeless, practical, truthful, plentiful, and satisfying. John 1 is very clear that the Word of God is His revelation. It is the revelation of His plan for our lives and his desire for our hearts. It is the revelation of our Loving Father and our Merciful Savior. Read your Bible… Take it with you downrange. Read it with your friends. Read it with your wife. Read it to your kids. For those with military induced OCD, find a reading plan to follow and take notes. For the less organized, just start at the Gospels and read.

Prayer…Matthew 6 is a great explanation of prayer from Christ. He teaches us the Lord’s Prayer in this chapter. It is not important that we recite the prayer word for word, but it is important that we understand what Jesus has for us in prayer. We put ourselves in a position where we understand that God is in control. He is our provider, He is Holy. We ask for His provision, not in a selfish way, but we ask for him to provide for us. Not just food, but provide wisdom, peace and understanding. And we ask for His forgiveness and His deliverance. Philippians 4 teaches us to be prayerful and thankful in everything. Our prayers do not have to be weird chants or specific times that become ritualistic. They are our constant pouring out of ourselves asking God to fill us with His plan for us.

When the going gets tough and it feels like the you are losing the battle, turn to the Eternal Victor. He has a plan for your life. He has chosen you to be an important part of sharing His faithfulness with your friends and leading your family. His 5 paragraph order is written in the pages of His Word. Seek Him. Be strengthened.

Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57

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